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A horse's saddle is like a vehicle, it requires frequent servicing to age well. If you forgot to graze frequently, you can catch up with a nice saddle leather glycerin soap. In department stores, but also online, saddles are returned. Opt for shopping online! Whether in terms of equipment or advice, we can't discover anywhere else purely better, particularly at the saddle stage.

Equitack provides an ancient saddle a fresh appearance

Everywhere, above and below the saddle fields, the used saddles for sale should be washed. The sponge should be washed if it is very dirty to prevent scratches on the leather. The seams should be carefully cleaned, you can use a smooth toothbrush if you have difficulty accessing certain areas. All these elements are taken into consideration at Equitack. Before going to the next phase, they wash the saddle with a cloth: lubrication. They use excellent value unique saddle oil (or saddle balm). A smooth, smooth sponge or fabric can be utilized. After the first has fully entered the leather, they add a second cloth. Whether it's a race horse, a home horse, or a trip on a horse? For those who are looking for a saddle to substitute his, however, for practical purposes, it is preferable for everyone to opt for a used saddle instead of a fresh saddle. The ultimate outcome will be superior by maintaining a tiny drying period. Everywhere, above and below the saddle regions, grease is crucial.

A few specialist tips for you

Complete by hand massaging leather, it enables you to feel stronger leather, areas that need more fat than others (for instance, under the stirrups). Remember that leather stored in a dry and warm location can become smooth, rigid and fragile; placed in a damp location, it will be more versatile and decorated with a fairly musty coating... So you prefer a location without moisture and new to store your leathers. Finally, enjoy your passion for riding to beautify your saddle by calling on Equitack. For those searching for it, the place has more than a big choice of refurbished saddles.

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