Why every saddle has a purpose

English saddles are an all-encompassing term which includes saddles for all English riding disciplines. English saddles are specially designed to allow a rider to stay balanced in the optimal position with the horse. It is very important to find the right sized saddle for a rider as well as the horse. Riders must choose between what saddles are right for them based on the balance and placement of the seat, the saddle's shape, and the seat balance.

Achieving a balance seat for the rider

The ultimate purpose of an optimally fitted saddle is to achieve a balanced seat for the rider and maximize their weight bearing surface. This puts the rider and horse in balance and harmony with each other. Any disruption of this balance can cause a loss of connection and will hinder the natural movement of the horse. Many times this will lead to a horse experiencing joint problems, muscle soreness, and anxiety. Equestrian Collections has many different types of used english saddles for sale, including dressage, close contact, all-purpose, cross country/eventing, synthetic, endurance, pony, and lead saddles. The English saddle you choose depends on a number of factors - the size of your horse, what discipline you ride, whether you prefer leather or synthetic, and what your budget is.

An out of balance horse will not develop muscle symmetry

Their body can lean backward or forward, sit with a chair seat or develop asymmetry to the left or right, which requires the horse to unevenly compensate. When the rider and horse are brought into balance together through proper saddle fit, training goals become easily attainable and the partnership can grow. Temperature extremes of hot or cold can damage synthetics as well as leathers, so it's a necessity to keep your saddle at a proper level of moisture. You should keep it free of debris and dirt by wiping it with a clean, soft, slightly damp sponge after every ride. Leather can be cleaned with glycerine gel or bar soap, or saddle soap paste, and can be followed up with 100% pure neat’s-foot oil.

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